Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rugby and race

I have not really been interested in the haden/crusaders/darkies/rugby controversy.
 I don't rate haden - he is a cheat and a big mouth and his darkies comment, while offensive, is really nothing new.

This is a non-story designed to distract us from other things - but it is interesting to note riach's statement
"Meanwhile, Crusaders chief executive Hamish Riach says he remembers speaking to Fraser at a Ranfurly Shield match last year, but denies he mentioned the franchise operated a quota system for Polynesian players.
Riach was adamant that he had not mentioned a quota or a racial selection policy.
He said he was aware that, throughout rugby, there were frequent conversations about race."
Oh really - like what?

Anyway you can see where that all goes - into the black hole of denial.

Of course one of the big reasons for trying to lance this boil is the rugby world cup. Yes everything must be in place to show the world what a country of one people we are. We are? Are we?

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