Wednesday, June 9, 2010

who speaks for maori

Who speaks for maori?

The maori party

The iwi leaders group

Who speaks for maori?

From Stuff
"The Iwi Leadership Group, a forum of some of the most powerful Maori leaders, met on Friday and unanimously rejected the public domain proposal.
Mr Key said though the group was influential, its members did not speak for all Maori. He also rejected their suggestion that if Maori were to forgo their rights to the foreshore and seabed, private land owners should be expected to do the same."
Mr Key said the Iwi Leadership Group was not the only one battling the Government's preferred option for settling the dispute – there were also sticking points with the Maori Party.
He reiterated the Government's position, however, that it would rather shelve the repeal than make further concessions, even though it would mean retaining the 2004 act.
That was despite his view that the law represented a "weeping sore" in race relations."
This weeping sore is about to go septic and there will be a lot of pus to be expressed.

Who speaks for maori?

From NZH
"The Government is close to finalising its foreshore and seabed law repeal proposal, but the Maori Party will have the power to veto it, Prime Minister John Key indicated yesterday.
Mr Key also said that it would not proceed unless the Maori Party supported it - effectively a veto - even if there were enough support from other parties to pass it.
He said again that meant the status quo would remain, namely the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004 passed by Labour.
Who speaks for maori?

Heads up - divide and destroy is the way of the oppressors. They will try to divide maori any way they can and they will succeed in some ways because there is self interest and ego and cults of personality within maoridom - just like everywhere else. Focus on the goal - tino rangatiratanga and mana motuhake - everything else is divide and destroy.

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