Thursday, June 10, 2010

wankers united

Shane jones has had it. The ministerial expenses are out and he has admitted using taxpayers money (which he has paid back) to hire porn movies to watch in his hotel room. Okay he is a wanker but so what, we are either all wankers or telling lies. The fact that he masturbates is not the issue - the issue is the poor judgement, the perception of 'right' and 'privilege' of stealing our money and don't forget he is a member who rallies against sharples and turia for their enjoyment of ministerial warrents and their reluctance to give them up.

From stuff
"Labour MP Shane Jones has admitted using his ministerial credit card to book up pornographic movies while he was a government minister and has blamed it on the fact he is a red blooded man."
Bye bye shane

"Mr Jones told reporters this afternoon he was not a "sex fiend" but got in the habit of watching pornographic movies while he was away.
He told his wife this morning and she was enraged. He had no excuses, he said. "I just lost the plot."
Jeepers mate you left it a bit late to inform the wife - another epic fail shane

"The shamed MP appears to be within a heart-beat of resigning from parliament.
"[The people] will say that Shane has dug a hole for himself - a hole and that may very well prove to be his grave," Jones said of himself today.
"This is a day of great shame. Not only have I embarassed myself, my family and party colleagues, but I got in to a pattern of expenditure that is inexcusable.
"It's beyond excuse and it's a day of humiliation for me."
Oh dear - talking in third person about himself is not a good sign.

Shane resign.

Then pick yourself up and get working for maoridom via energising the maori party. Labour are holding you back and stiffling you and with this baggage you will never lead that party.


Anonymous said...

kia ora marty

i was agreeing with you until you got to the bit where you suggested shane j goes to the maori party - he should go home and do some honest graft.

he has always been prepared to advance his own career at the expense of others and has no principled position on anything i am aware of.

his arrogance is well known - i would be interested to see what his expenses as chair of tokm were like (and those now there as well for that matter - ie just how many trips away per year do those diretors really need to go on to fulfill their role?).

Marty Mars said...

kia ora anon

I know - it was a bit of chaos theory thrown in :)

I have never warmed to shane and I hated his attacks on the maori party. It is going to be a long fall from grace, especially in his own mind - yet I cannot help feel some sympathy for him and he has taken his hits today.