Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a ride on the vomit comet

I have no good feelings about any of the parties involved with the Foreshore and Seabed repeal. It is a joke and insulting to maori. I think the Iwi leadership Group have tried to help the maori party but that kind of help never works. Now, because of the nature of the repeal the gnats and labour will try to NEVER have to relook at this area. And what do the maori party have out of this - "we said we would repeal and we have repealled." Ummm the repeal has left maori in a very similar position - a repeal is to make changes and improvements. Not good enough in my book and the Iwi leadership Group - so tough, so strong , so roll over and pat my tummy. I know the arguments for getting what is possible and using that as a beach-head to gain more ground, incremental steps, kaisan - continuious improvement. I know those arguements but I cannot accept them. We didn't have a hikoi so that this can be celebrated as a big win. Why do we let these no-bodies tell us what to do.

This will not sit well on the ground. This deal is crooked.

Update - Hone has come out fighting - you know what Hone, why not just shut up! You had your chance to oppose this BEFORE the vote - there is no mana is moaning after especially when you could have made a difference.

I cannot vote for the maori party anymore.


robertguyton said...

Very bent Marty. And it smells to the high heavens.
Somebody somewhere is receiving something that we cannot, for the moment, see.
My guess is that is rights to commercial development of a resource of some kind. I could hardly be more vague if I tried!

robertguyton said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say Marty, including the comments about Hone.
How depressing that we always get shafted - been going on since 1840, is there no end to it?
I'm so sick of these so called Iwi leaders taking mana for themselves and claiming to represent their Iwi. I want our fighting chiefs back - ones who are chiefs through tika processes. I'm not willing to be represented by fake, mana munching so called leaders. Our traditional leaders sussed out the reality even before the ink was put on the Treaty parchment and ranted and railed against the injustices in the big land grab. It was the introduction of Maori parliamentary representatives that stuffed things up for us. Bring back traditional leadership and the Maori way of doing things.
I suspect I'm ranting & raving myself, but bloody hell! The vomit comet indeed!