Friday, April 1, 2011

the soul's start slipping

Now the momentum has begun. And within the advance-avalance, the pebbles move and bump and impart some energy onwards. A new poll for Tamaki Makaurau shows Pita Sharples support has been slashed - really dealt to - and the slasher is in his mirror.

Horizon Research says his majority of 7,540 appears to have slipped to about 1,140. The poll shows Mr Sharples would get 47.8 per cent of candidate votes in the largely Auckland-centred electorate while his new Labour opponent, Shane Jones, would get 42.1 per cent. In the party vote contest in the seat, Labour would remain a clear winner.
I'm looking forward to Hone's new Left Maori Party taking these Party votes and showing the naysayers that all people, of any ethnicity, can support equality and fairness, tino rangatiratanga and kaitiakitanga and protect the disadvantaged.

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