Tuesday, April 5, 2011

look over there

Tariana has come out with a statement that it is 'tragic' that Hone is building a 'left' maori party rather than one built upon tikanga and kaupapa. She thinks the new party will threaten the greens because they represent the values of 'left' within the parliment. I don't agree with her view. The greens and Hone's new party will get on well and work together without conflict because their philosophy's are in alignment.

Waatea news
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says Hone Harawira's new party could be more of a threat to the Greens than to his former colleagues. Mrs Turia says it's tragic the Tai Tokerau MP is talking about setting a party of the left, rather than one based on kaupapa or tikanga. “I think that his party could have a huge impact on the Greens who of course are the most left wing party who do work quite hard to address what we would consider are left-wing issues,” she says. Mrs Turia says it has taken years for Maori to be able to sit at the table with Government to advance their aspirations.
hey Tariana our rangatira sat at the table in 1840 didn't they? Which side of the table would the maori party have sat on?

The powers that be are very, very scared of Hone and his new Left Maori Party and those powers that be include the usual suspects and labour and their various fake-left supporters. I love the fact that they are scared - it shows we are on the right track. The compromisers and assimilationists can do their worst but it won't matter because it is all coming together nicely.

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