Thursday, April 28, 2011

byelection valuable

I think there is value in having a byelection in Hone's electorate. The cost is irrelevant and a red herring - to be used as a weapon by baiters who don't like Hone or his Mana Party. The mandate recieved will be a blow to labour and the maori party and it will be interesting to see if the maori party stands a candidate, thus breaking their agreement with Hone. They will lose whichever way they go. It will be a good practice run for the main election and it will generate media exposure for the Mana Party.

Mr Harawira will launch his new Mana Party on Saturday and the Herald understands he and his strategists are considering forcing a byelection to seek a mandate for his new party from Te Tai Tokerau voters.

Classic lines from phil whatshisname
Labour leader Phil Goff said any such move by Mr Harawira so close to an election would be "irresponsible, farcical and a reckless waste of valuable taxpayers' money". "If Hone Harawira wanted to force a byelection, why didn't he do it at the time when he left the Maori Party? "Why would someone who claims to be concerned about people suffering because of the rising cost of living want to waste taxpayers' money on such an irresponsible political stunt?"
Lots of strong words there showing just how fearful goff is - too late for you goff, but feel free to bring labour down with you. The left will survive and regather - hopefully under the banner of the Mana Party.


savehappyvalley said...

Perhaps in time the mana and green parties will outgrow the labour party. It is clear under Goff labour is lacking in ideas, policy and creativity, let alone courage to stand on their own feet. What does Goff stand for?

Labour is meant to represent workers, yet Goff is pro free trade and policies that neither represent working peoples interests or the environment. With Brash in the picture again, privatisation and ecological issues, as well as social justice issues become very important. I look forward to a principled opposition from Hone and the greens, and his new party.

Marty Mars said...

Yes you are right, I also hope the Mana and Green parties work strongly together - they are the future not the rejects on the right.