Monday, April 4, 2011

oh stop them we will

This countries draft energy policy has been obtained by the Coal Action Network Aotearoa and it makes clear what the government think - and they think massively expanding coal and oil and gas exploitation, while pretending to focus on renewable energy sources. After hundreds of submissions ignored, this government is following through on its "we are open for business" line.

As the CANA post says
Its top priority is to “Develop petroleum and mineral fuel resources”, ahead of other priorities like 2 Develop renewable energy resources 3 Embrace new energy technologies
While it’s been obvious that this has been the Government’s priority from the moment they came to power, they have now laid it out with a whole lot of pretty pictures to accompany it. It’s always helpful to know what you’re up against, and this document clearly shows it.
Yes we know what we are up against - exploiters and thick-heads, liars and misinformation experts, and idiots who just don't see the big picture apart from the big payouts. In other words they are the enemy of the land, the sea and the people - the enemy.

Who can stop them? The greens will be strong and Hone's new Left Maori Party will be too and the rest of the political parties? I hold no hope for them - sure labour will make political points but not on principles.

Who can stop them? - the people can and we will.

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Anonymous said...

maori and pakeha environmental movement led by people like Metiria and Hone in parliament, and maori leaders outside of parliament could be a very strong force...