Tuesday, April 12, 2011

moby dicks

So the police have been sent in, on a navy ship, to "intervene in the protests only when they impeded the right of the survey ship to conduct its operations." Key says, "... last night, my understanding was a naval ship was deployed and it's now in the region." Key doesn't know how many officers on board or how they will balance out the right of activists to protest LAWFULLY, against the rights of Petrobras - that is an 'operational' matter. Luckily there will be lots of cameras out there to show how these operational matters get played out.

This was a classic from parata
Acting Energy and Resources Minister Hekia Parata said she was in constant contact with Petrobras but had not spoken with the Brazilian company since the protest began.
hardly constant then is it? Why would you think they care what you think anyway.

And this little titbit
The Government was working on legislation to govern future deep-sea drilling, and Petrobras would not be able to drill before this was in place.

Hmm - wonder what is in that legislation.

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