Monday, April 11, 2011

misreading the depth

The prime minister of this country, john key, has "not ruled out" sending the navy and airforce to protect petrobras from the activists who have stopped them.

The activists are part of a bigger struggle to protect the land and seas and support tangata whenua in their fight for justice. The police are circling the flotilla. Crown law has been asked to 'research the legal options' available, oh yes - they are scared.

key uses the argument that petrobras has a legal right to explore, granted by the government and that must be upheld. Yes we know you gave them that right key - you can cut the act. You gave them the right, for your money reasons, and you will support their right to explore, for the same reasons.

But you have made some mistakes that will topple your plans - disrespecting tangata whenua, disrespecting the people of this country who care about the environment, the land and sea and the world our grandchildren will inherit. You and your mates have misread the depth of opposition to this folly.

This is just the beginning...

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