Sunday, April 3, 2011

cornfields vs oilfields - infographic

This infographic, sent in by a reader, is important because there is so much misinformation around alternative fuels. It is good to see a balanced approach which explains the positives and negatives.
With today's ever increasing gas prices, it's a wonder why we don't push harder for alternative sources of fuel. But at the same time, these alternative sources aren't as amazing as you would think. We've highlighted the pros and cons regarding corn ethanol, and presented information about just how effective an energy source it really is.
Cornfields vs. Oilfields
Via: Online Schools

There is no perfect pathway to the future and having information to determine the options is so important. Be informed. As oil runs out and our society is forced to change, we must consider the wider ramifications of our incessant consumerism and addiction to oil. We must reduce our demand.

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