Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Man will snap

I have had a horrible realisation - John Key is going to call a snap election. David Cunliffe the labour spokesman has asked Bill English to resign over South Canterbury Finance. Goff the idiot has come out and said the whole government should resign. Key has said if labour want a snap election - then let's go for it. And he wants any excuse to go for it and goff has played into his hands.

Radio NZ
Prime Minister John Key says he would welcome a snap election if the Labour Party wants to go to the polls over South Canterbury Finance. Labour says the whole Government should resign over the finance company's collapse and the general state of the economy. Labour is calling for Finance Minister Bill English to resign, saying his mis-management has cost the taxpayer millions of dollars.
Think about it - who wins from going early? The gnats do because the longer they go to the election, the more political erosion they will experience. Key has already been booed - he won't like that one little bit. The gnats have some shockers to get through and they will not want those policies to affect their chances at the polls.
They want to bolster the maori party and they want to cut Hone's legs off - before he can build up momentum. They are ambivilant about dunne, hide and the greens. And they are high as a kite over labour and their bumbing, useless efforts. key is the man, he tells himself that, his advisers tell him, the media tells him and many voters tell him that HE IS THE MAN. The man can trust his instincts and the man can make the call - it's what he does, it's what the man does.

Get ready for it - labour aren't but the greens will be and don't you worry about Hone and his new Left Maori Party - we are fighting for equality and fairness already.

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