Sunday, April 24, 2011

known by the name

It doesn't really matter what the new name is for Hone's new Left Māori Party. It seems to have leaked via the greens that it is The Mana Party. We will see - I like that name and for me it says it all - no explanation needed. It also provides a relationship to Mana Motuhake and The Mana Māori Movement, and that whakapapa is important. 

Update - well it seems pretty official now - The Mana Party - launch next Saturday.

For the new party the effectiveness of the message is the key - keep it simple, repeat often and keep to the planned pathway. Some things need no comment, others a little and then there are times to really give it heaps and saturate the coverage. The battles are those that align with the kaupapa.

What does the party stand for and believe in? Simple and repeatable phases. Hone is onto it with his latest excellent press releases about petrobras. His quote about the 'warships coming over the horizon' is evocative, simple and repeatable. His outrage that this should be happening on ANZAC day to tangata whenua who have given so much, is genuine and I share it. They have no shame.

The kaupapa that i believe will attract all people is one based upon support for equality, the disadvantaged, kaitiakitanga and tino rangatiratanga. I will say it again - these principles are universal human rights and values that are not attached to any ethnicity. It will soon be time for people to make choices and I believe many people will join the waka.

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