Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mana Party

The Mana Party has launched and what a launch. Well done to everyone and I am very excited about what we can achieve this year. Now we have a vehicle to get behind and lend our passion and energy to. The values of the party are being developed but already we are seeing a strong social justice focus and that is great. This is part of the kaupapa that will attract support from all those who care about the disadvantaged, and there are many who do. The bigger picture is the main election so the by-election is a good opportunity to build the story and tighten the lines. The big emotion to invoke is hope - hope for the present and the future. Be positive in deriding their schemes - ridicule them and get people laughing at their idiocy.

Chris Ford says, "Hone Harawira brings Mana to the left" - which is a line I really like in an article that is worth reading
There has long been talk, but no action, on the need to form a new left wing party. Hone Harawira has thrown down the gauntlet. The wider left outside of the Mana Party needs to meet that challenge and talk with Hone and his leadership team. And the first thing that fellow Left wingers can do is at least endorse Hone's campaign for re-election at the forthcoming Te Tai Tokerau by-election. That's what I am also doing here, straight off. I look forward to seeing other left wing activists do.
Yes The Mana Party can represent all people who believe in the kaupapa. And we have seen some awesome support from some very influencial activists today. People who dedicate themselves to creating a better world for those less fortunate or disadvantaged. Tino rangatiratanga can be reconciled with social justice - they are both about equality.

There is much to do and it will be done and this movement will grow and gain momentum. The powers that be are afraid of Hone and people power so they will go hard to discredit everyone but they will lose. And we will win.

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Anonymous said...

The prospect of a Maori focused left political party is very exciting. I for one will be joining up and keen to help out with campaigning.