Tuesday, April 6, 2010

damn dam decision

This dam will not go ahead even though it has gained resource consent. I have posted about this before but I never expected this idiotic decision.

From The ODT
"Commissioners have decided two to one to grant resource consent for a controversial hydro dam on the West Coast.
The consents were subject to 200 conditions to mitigate and monitor the dam's effects.
These included habitat enhancement and predator control over 3000ha.
An initial bond of $500,000 was also required from Meridian, which says the scheme would produce enough power for 51,000 homes.
The plan - which would see the building of an 85m high dam creating a 14km long lake - has been opposed by environmental lobbyists and the Department of Conservation.
They say the scheme would come at too high a cost to the environment and that there are better schemes which could produce enough power for the Coast without as much damage.
This is what that dam will do

We can still stop this dam - we must stop this dam.


Anonymous said...

It seems Ngati Waewae approves of the dam: http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/local-iwi-supports-mokihinui-hydro-decision/5/44173

Marty Mars said...

Yes well i am not sure why they put this out - the bold claims that are made in the release are not shared by the Ngai Tahu, Ngati Waewae or maori people i know and talk to.

I think that after consideration they may find themselves on the wrong side - from the land, the rivers and the people.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
This argument that because "no one" goes there we can make places like this expendable breaks my heart. The continued demonstration of how disconnected we are becoming and the human rationalization by the governments and institutions of our dominance over the land and earth will lead us to dangerous places.
Kia kaha,

Anonymous said...

you are quite right Marty about the how many Waewae folks oppose this - sadly there is a small number of people who are now in control of Ngati Waewae. have a look, the same names appear everywhere - representative, chair, chair of the commercial company and so on - they don't live on the coast and they have $$$ as their primary motivation.

there is also a group of Ngai Tahu folk on the Meridian payroll. follow the money and you will find the same old names that feature in other tribal debates pushing their own agenda's

they are not the flaxroots whanau who are the true kaitiaki - they are just a bunch of opportunists

Marty Mars said...

yes the sellouts have just disclosed that meridian has paid the runaka money and that is why they have changed from opposition to acceptance and issued a public statement of support.

big mana loss for those that did this shady deal

Marty Mars said...

sorry forgot the link