Saturday, April 24, 2010

initial mining plans revealed

The true extent of the mining plans are slowly being revealed.

From Radio NZ
"The full extent of the Government's original plans for opening national parks to mining exploration, has been revealed in papers obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development.
They show the plan went through at three major redraftings in a matter of weeks.
Mining activities are currently banned in 40% of conservation estate under Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act, which identifies areas of unique biodiversity or landscapes of cultural or historic value.
Officials initially recommended allowing mining exploration on huge swathes of land, including up to nearly 90% of Rakiura National Park on Stewart Island."
That's right you read it correctly - they initially wanted to allow mining on 90% of Rakiura National Park - they still do want to, only they have revised their public plans to make them more acceptable - but don't be under any illusions if they can get away with the mining, they will do it. The plan to mine Rakiura is STILL on the table.

Hat tip The Standard

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