Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jones attacks sharples viciously with wet napkin

There are many options when considering how to beat your enemy. Some people like the king-hit approach, others the war of attrition and death by 1000 cuts. Shane Jones knows all this and he is a very good attacking weapon for labour.

This recent attack is a bit loose, a bit weak though. It was a scratch not a cut.

From Stuff
"Dr Sharples who will be at a hui at Auckland's Puatahi Marae today in an official capacity as the Maori Affairs minister.
Labour MP Shane Jones said this was evidence that Dr Sharples would "do what [Prime Minister] John Key wants".
Ummm - shane - he is the minister, yes the other members of the maori party attend as individuals or members of the party but sharples is the minister
"The independent perspective that the Maori Party formerly had on this issue is now over," he said.
hey jones how independant are you? methinks you have to follow the party line more than the maori party
"The transcending perspective is that reflected by the prime minister and his loyal ministers, of whom [co-leaders] Tariana [Turia] and Pita are two."
Mr Jones said he thought there was a very serious prospect that Mr Flavell and Mr Harawira would break away over the issue.
maybe but they will still be maori fighting for maori rights - not like you jones - why don't you stand in an electorate seat and let's see what support you actually have instead of slinking in on the labour party list.
"And you'll have Dr Sharples there doing the prime minister's bidding really," he said.
It must be tough to have to bow your head to goff. Jones has a widely inflated view of his own abilities and there is no way that he would consider that goff has any better skills and abilities than him.
"It's not surprising because Pita actually is a very obliging chap. Pita is very accommodating and very obliging and in that sense, he is very much the diplomat."
I am keen for jones to keep the pressure on the maori party but FFS get some decent lines and angles. This is death by 1000 cuts but that attack barely drew blood - in fact I'm calling it a scratch.

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