Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dun Mountain diversity

This mining on schedule 4 lands is a bit quiet at the moment isn't it?

Some of the additional areas they want to 'investigate' are,

from Nelson Mail
"The stocktake will also take in parts of Murchison, Kaikoura Ranges, Riwaka's Graham Valley, Dun Mountain and Schedule 4 conservation land on the eastern side of Kahurangi National Park."
"At Dun Mountain the stocktake is expected to confirm the presence of gold, base metals, nickel, copper, chromium, cobalt and those of the platinum group, with "moderate prospectivity" for mining."
"Minister of Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee, said that the "numbers are always going to be all over the show""
All of the projections are made up with little basis in reality or 'all over the show' as "feed me gerry" states.

What is the story with Dun Mountain
"It's quite fascinating ... a very special geological area with vulnerable and unique vegetation and history."
Ironically, she says another important cultural treasure of the area is the 19th-century copper and chromite mines.
Early Maori quarried argillite (pakohe) for adzes and tools, and their workings can still be seen.
Plants and animals, including the Marlborough mini gecko, adapted to the hot and dry landscape, and are unlike their relatives in other parts of the country. The Nelson Biodiversity Forum notes it as being nationally important for conservation and biodiversity values.
Let's start talking about these areas they want to dig up.

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