Thursday, April 22, 2010

giant gecko dead in mousetrap

Sad news about the first giant gecko found in 100 years on our mainland.

From Stuff
"The first giant gecko found on the New Zealand mainland for almost 100 years has been killed in a mouse trap at Maungatautari.
The Duvaucel's gecko was found in the trap last month, and while dead, its discovery has led to hopes among Maungatautari staff and supporters that more of the rare species are living on the mountain.
Up until it was discovered at Maungatautari, the Duvaucel's gecko could only be found on predator-free offshore islands.
The Duvaucel's can grow up to 30cm long, "weigh as much as a blackbird", and live for more than 50 years.
Many of the creatures in our country took over the niches that mammals used in other countries - it is difficult to catch introduced mammals when our endemic creatures can also be caught and killed. Very sad story but hope is still there that these geckos are still on the mainland - just keeping out of sight.

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