Friday, April 16, 2010

OceanaGold + 15 infringements over five years = dirty miner

Dirty miner OceanaGold is facing the environment court on Monday.

Is this there first infringement notice? - no.

second or third? - no

Try - 15th infringement over five years!

Funny how these companies always say, when their disgusting behaviour is noticed, that they have just fixed it.

From Stuff
"Gold miner OceanaGold is being prosecuted for allegedly polluting a Buller stream, having been issued 15 infringement notices in five years.
The West Coast Regional Council is taking the company to the Environment Court over breaches in resource consent conditions at its Globe Progress mine in the Victoria Conservation Park in Reefton, Radio New Zealand reported.
However, OceanaGold said it had fixed the problem which had resulted in sediment being discharged into waterways near the open cast gold mine.
The company is to appear in the Environment Court on Monday."
There is no clean mining - it is all dirty but some are especially dirty and meanwhile the streams and waterways die and these mining companies keep making money.

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