Tuesday, April 27, 2010

leave the macrons alone

This is weird.

macrons are used to denote the sound that should be pronounced - a word with a macron in is different to a word without - they have completely different meanings they are different words. Like chalk and cheese.

From Stuff
"Councillor Tony Jack put forward a notice of motion that the council refrain from using macrons in the spelling of Kapiti, Otaki or Paekakariki in any council papers, publications, maps or signage.
Why would this person even suggest this?"

Laziness or craziness - either way not on.
"The motion was strongly opposed by most councillors and labelled "offensive" and "disrespectful" by the sole Maori representative at last week's meeting, Andre Baker, who was supported by two Maori women who burst into song.
Councillor Peter Daniel voted against the motion. "How do we know how to pronounce the names unless there is a macron?"
Mr Baker, the Otaki Community Board chairman, stressed that the Maori language was a gift, and opposed the motion. "I ask you to consider this before you tell Maori how to use their own language. You are doing a huge disservice to our tangata whenua.
"It is really disrespectful and offensive to my community. We are very proud our community clearly identifies with Maori, Chinese and non-Maori and of our bilingual initiative."
Mr Baker told mayor Jenny Rowan that the council needed to work harder on its partnership with tangata whenua. "If this had been dealt with in an appropriate manner I would not be here trying to justify the gift."
Work harder to be in partnership with maori - respect the customs and the knowledge of maori and your community will prosper and flourish.

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Lewis said...

Sounds like a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) whinging again.