Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mana motuhake

There are a couple of things to consider regarding the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People

Hone's call to put a copy of the dec in every maori household is a really good idea although I would take it further and offer a copy to all households in this country. This aspirational goal is exactly that - something to aspire to and the more we align and move towards the aspirations included within that dec then the better off we will all be.

And secondly we will this week soon get a settlement for Tuhoe. This settlement will break new ground in terms of achieving mana motuhake. Tuhoe are likely to get Te Urewera back and this is just. This is their homeland and where they live. And it is quite specific to them because as mentioned on Native Affairs last night - no one lives on Aoraki. We should not be afraid of this.

Tuhoe have discussed the treaty settlement issues and others relating to the police terror raids in Tuhoe territory, with phil goff - that is important because labour were government when the raids took place - another shameful episode for them.

Tuhoe will set a higher standard for other settlements and future settlements will be coloured by this one and the UN dec. We are seeing massive changes beginning to occur and we must embrace them, we must celebrate them. We are in this waka together but as I have said many times - it is a waka.


Anonymous said...

If Tuhoe, get the Urerewa National Park back, New Zealanders will be systematically locked out of one of the country's most serene jewels in the conservation estate. It should remain in the ownership of the CROWN for all New Zealanders to enjoy forever, not some Maori elite who will just keep it to themselves.


Marty Mars said...

kia ora millsy

There is no evidence that what you say will happen - will actually happen.

The park was wrongly taken from the people that live there and have lived there for generations and correcting that wrong is a positive for the people and everyone.

I just don't see maori locking out everyone else - I don't think it will happen.

maidenaotearoa said...

Tautoko Marty Mars, nga mihi tou whakaaro.

Millsy a gated community is a CROWN kaupapa and if you feel safer locked in this ignorance kei a koe - but know that its all in ur head!


Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Rickie-Lee

I wish millsy would listen to what you and I are saying to him but I suspect his mind his made up.