Wednesday, December 9, 2009

we don't care

I've given up on mr trotter - a while ago actually.

If you are interested in how the real left are handling the weeping sore that is mr trotter go and read lew's brilliant piece at kiwipolitico and also go to read Map's piece at Reading the Maps. The true nature of the struggle is exposed by the rancid stench from mr trotters putrifying carcass of ideas. Check out the comments and really think about the world mr trotter wants and how that fits into our world.

for example, mr trotter's start to a response to keri h in the comments on reading the maps,
"What relationship exists between Pakeha and Maori? It's a fraught question with a simple - but brutal - answer.
The relationship of the conqueror to the conquered."
mr trotter - sad, mad and bad.


Anonymous said...

For some time Chris seems to have made his living by attacking the left in the mainstream media - through speculation, trading 'inside' information and direct attacks.

The media keep trotting him out as their expert on the left because he confirms their worst views and fears about the left, and at the same time reassures them that the left will never win.

I think its time for people to send a really clear message that Chris isn't part of the left and hasn't been for sometime. I'd suggest the people who can best get that across to the media are Labour Party MPs. I wonder what they'd do if they were asked ;-)

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

I totally agree - but he seems to be pushing labour approved lines as confirmed by the support goff has received from his team. He'll be getting some pats on the back at the next conference. I struggle to see labour as left anyway now.

We need a new left party that represents not the centre - but the actual left.

Anonymous said...

I think there are some very good left people in labour - both members and a few MPs. But I agree, I wouldn't call it a left party, maybe a socially left economically centre - right party. Goff's rejection of the monetary consensus is an interesting move as it opens the door to a leftwards move on the economy.

I think there are enough left activists to build a genuine left party, but getting everyone to work together, support the infrastructure and not rip each other apart in the process is the difficult part!

I think we need strong NGOs / Unions / Social Movements first - that would build a sustainable base for a party, be it a new one or Labour.

I think the minute you enter parliament you have to compromise - having strong communities keeps a balance.

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

I like your thoughts.

Yes getting the left together is like herding cats.

The frustration will spill over and although I agree there are a few left thinking people in labour they tend to be subsumed into the greater 'labour' fold. A bit borg-like.

A left labour will get votes and move the centre of gravity from the centre right, past the centre left straight into the real left. That is a constituency that has been let down by labour but they are very forgiving. The votes are there - labour just has to step up and actually lead the left - or get out the way.