Saturday, December 26, 2009

removing the dust

Sometimes others say what you want to say so much better than you could ever say it.

Such a case in point is this declaration from Lets Talk Native Pride blog
"We have lost our way, not our ways. We have let others define us with their telling of history, their view of spirituality, their laws and their economy. Our belief systems are not lost. They are covered with ignorance, fear and shame; just dust. It is time to Remove The Dust. This is the expression our ancestors used when it was time to remind ourselves who we are. By removing the dust from our old wampums we could revisit their meanings and most of all, talk about it. We are referred to as an oral society as if that is some how primative. Our voices are the most powerful tool we have. The ability to speak and listen is the power to teach and learn. For all the writing and reading we will ever do, it would teach us nothing if we couldn't discuss it. Technology now allows us to have voices in this new medium. So let's talk. Let's teach. Let's learn."
The First Post on Native Pride
November 17, 2008

In many ways that is the kaupapa of mars2earth

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