Friday, December 18, 2009

spelling mistake not okay


Government announces that both spellings of Whanganui are okay. From Stuff
"Mr Williamson said the official geographic name for the city would be the alternatives Whanganui or Wanganui. He had decided to assign alternative names so people had the option of choosing whichever name they preferred."
"During extensive consultation it became clear to me that local iwi were seeking an acknowledgement of something that is very important to them. They wanted recognition and respect for their history and their language.
"It was equally clear that the majority of the city's residents did not want change forced on them."
The decision to use both spellings is not a solution, it is an insult to local maori.

It is a spelling mistake that should be corrected.
It is the maori language.

Correcting the spelling mistake could be an occasion for celebration. The righting of a wrong to bring the community together, hearing the stories and understanding the connections. When are we going to find a person of mana who stands up and leads the way in this type of reconcilliation? We need them yesterday!

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