Monday, December 21, 2009

Ngāi Tahu Election Update

Congratulations to Nuk and Quentin the two new Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu representatives recently confirmed.

Footnote - Congratulations also to Gerald elected as representative for Waihao

Confirmed representatives to date are

Waihao - Gerald Te Kapa Coates
Tūāhuriri - Tutehounuku Korako
Arowhenua - Quentin Hix
Ōraka-Aparima - Stewart Bull
Koukourārata- Elizabeth Cunningham
Makaawhio - Tim Rochford
Ōtākou - Tahu Potiki
Taumutu - Sandy Lockhart
Rāpaki - Wally Stone
Waewae - Lisa Tumahai
Puketeraki - Matapura Ellison

Progress report from the TRONT website


Anonymous said...

Kaikoura still in discussing process????
Must be one hell of a korero...
We're all still waiting for a update...
Hopefully we might be informed of what's going on by the end of year

Marty Mars said...

Yes anon with 18 papatipu runaka and only one still discussing process - not a good look and a big let down for everyone.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear anon 24th Dec..


I agree, how much more childish and shameful can he be, congradulations kaiwhakakuri, once again in your own words you showed all iwi how small your mind is..


Truth- love - light

Anonymous said...

Many people would like to know what the discussions were with the Whakapapa Unit..

Very strange that they were in discussions for so long..One would think they know whos eligible for elections..You stand where you are and claim your rights through your blood lines all these years. Now you can't organise a election on time as your in discussions..




Anonymous said...

Decisions made about appointment of Te Runanga reps take place in a range of ways. This was always going to happen once nga runanga were given control over their election processes. This also means the decisions made by the whakapapa unit are irrelevent in a way; it is up to each runanga to determine the criteria for voting rights and many have utilised different lists of kaumatua than those held by the whakapapa unit in the office of Te Runanga. That Kaikoura is slowest in getting to a decision is probably due to a prolonged power struggle going on unlike most runanga where any struggles have been more quickly resolved.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

January 10th is the start of elections for Kaikoura runanga eh!

They must think they are all that to complete their elections in 2 months from start to finish.March10,2010 being the extension granted, giving them 4 months longer than everyone else.

Must be something in the water up there to give them unique election processing powers.They can do in two months what took the rest of the tribe 10 months.Even with one of the largest runanga membership roles.

Must be a bit like their forestry testing area[latest te karaka mag.]
Im no scientist ,but the last time i kicked the soil proposed on it was a river bed at oaro,like it allways has been.Wouldnt the hills with soil have been a better place for test forests?And why is the tribe wasting its money pretending to be forestry researches and developers?
Forestry would be one of the top 5 sectors in nz all ready investigated over the last 100 years.Too many green fingers at the board meetings ,too proud to ask for professional advice.

Interesting times ahead marty.I hope your site covers this election process to its fullest capability.6 years of no elections at tront,a year devising a new agreed upon election system , and 2009 watching the election take place,and one runanga letting the rest of its members and the tribe down with deliberate stalling .

May 2010 bring about the era of change that is overdue.A fresh tront board that works as one for the people as they should.Let those who have marked the tribe in disgracefull behaviour be removed for fresh talent and unity.

May this year 2010 be the year of reflections.For those who look at the mirror, are the only ones who know the truth behind the image in front of them.Some showed their hidden image in 2009 for all to see.Got to watch out for those toa under the seal skins...we all know the reality gollum...the Precious ,The Precious...

Have a Great New Year whanau!

Anonymous said...
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Marty Mars said...

Kia ora koutou

I don't like doing it but I've deleted a couple of comments. I don't want personal attacks here, no names, but sometimes I miss them and they cause retaliation. Aroha mai to rana and others you get named.

I am very sorry to have missed those instances, I value comments from everyone but I've got to be tougher with what people write. No names. I'm sorry if anyone is offended by this - I truely want this to be a place for us to speak.

Anonymous said...

Personal words of truth and reality. The truth always hurts.

Maybe if people spoke more of the truth then Ngai Tahu wouldn't be such a disgrace and filled with so much ROT..

People wonder why our world is so screwed up.. Too many pc assholes running it!

Marty Mars said...

you don't like it either set up your own blog or walk away

Marty Mars said...

or even better write a guestpost - send it to me and i'll take the actionable pieces out and note where I took them out, and then post it here under your anon name. You will get to say what you want, i can vet it so that i am legally protected, and the readers can read your words and decide about their value.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marty...

You have mail from anon.

Marty Mars said...

thanks for the email anon - you are very brave and strong and i am proud to stand with you as a member of this iwi.

Anonymous said...

Along with you marty..

You have made my day.. I'm over joyed that their are iwi as yourself with Mana and truth within your heart.

I may not have had any whanau for such along time..

But today you gave me a sense of belonging...

Something which all Ngai Tahu iwi should have no matter what the circumstances.

Ngai Tahu needs to get back to grass roots...

First port of call, maybe a flyer should be sent out with the word UNITY on it and what it means.

Would be a good start..


Thank you

Anonymous said...

its okay that I got named Marty as it really doesnt matter to me that there are sad people out there that like to write about me, they must be fascinated aye

Anonymous said...

to date there has been not much actually done about elections by takahanga and mark.

over 15 months of time to hold an election and it is only a few days ago that another false statement of election progress was thrown in te panui to tell every one of the current position of takahanga elections.

they have given everybody eligible to vote 12 to 14 days to register to their marae by post ,so as that they can be counted on the takahanga voting role,and the opportunity for nominations for the appointment committee can begin.

oh Joy!

after 15 mths of" in discussion with the whakapapa unit" and "just clearing up confusion about the election process with TRONT" we now have the response of there are to many "gone no addresses".

can you please somebody explain why takahanga isnt using the Tront supplied eligible members list tat is freely offered to all marae for election purposes?

to form an election role based on the off chance people recieve the latest te panui,and actually read it in time to respond by post in time is demented.

congratulations to the rest of the tribe that uphold the tribes fresh approach to being fair and open when it comes to tribal issues.kapai!

Anonymous said...

Fascination? There is two sides to every coin.

im taking heads

Anonymous said...

Mark and takahanga do it again.

An advert in a saturdays press advertising for registration for a takahanga election.

On the off chance one buys a paper that day you may have seen the advert under public notices in the chch press.But wait it was advertised once,so much for those overseas or not subscribers to the press.And even more insulting was the two to three week reply time by post given.The rest of the tribe did their election process over a fair timetable advertised for all .Kati kuri are speacial though.Three election extentions because they were confused about whakapapa lists.Never did hear a reason what the problem was.

I have to give mark his credit though where its due.takahanga and his buddies did put an ad in te panui.For myself i received my copy a day after the closing date for registrations.HOW ABOUT THE TIMING COUSINS?

And the icing on the cake.Trevor howse,darcy and so on.

Congratulations on making such a mess of your chance for open and fair democratic elections.

You may have one that round but the tront table is another league.

Haare ra Great leader.
Your no totara,or great kauri,but when your put to the kerb, you will make a great thud.

Absolutley fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kaikoura Rununga,

I have been advised I missed my chance to have my vote...

Never got the Christchurch Press that day and read the public notices.

Underhanded system yet again.

What more is there to say.