Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nowhere here in the middle

This is a wonderful video, hearing the stories from the indigenous people. We know how it feels for people to believe you don't live in a place, that it is empty and that they can have it and use it for anything.

Nowhere here in the middle by Tara Jones
"Documentary about the radioactive waste dump proposed for the Northern Territory, Australia. Traditional Owners and community members who live at the proposed sites explain their concerns. Dr Helen Caldicott explains the reality of living near a nuclear waste dump. An inspiring story of indigenous insight and resistance."

And what of the situation now? From ntnews in november
"The Federal Government has been sitting on a report on the decision to build a nuclear waste dump in the Territory for the past nine months.
Australia needs to build a waste facility by 2015, when spent nuclear fuel rods are returned from France.
The Government had previously promised to decide the location of the facility based on "science".
"The Commonwealth's Radioactive Waste Section manager Patrick Davoren said the report only looked at three Defence sites - all in the Northern Territory.
They included two near Alice Springs and another one in the Katherine region.
The report also considered Muckaty Station, near Tennant Creek, which was offered by the local traditional owners. After watching the video this sentence cannot stand.
"The Government is considering its position in the light of that report and in light of its platform and its election commitment," he said."
"Labor is yet to fulfil a 2007 election promise to repeal the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act, which allows the Government to force a nuclear dump in the Territory.
Then Deputy Opposition Leader Julia Gillard promised on December 18, 2006, to reverse John Howard's decision to build a dump in the Territory. "Labor does not support the Howard Government decision to site a waste dump in the Northern Territory," she said.
Then Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd attacked the CLP during the 2007 campaign for supporting the dump."
Well, we will watch and wait.

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