Thursday, December 3, 2009

release them to go home

They come home here, and they want to come home there. From Teaching the Values of Peace blog
"Yasuda, a Buddhist nun from Albany, N.Y., started a four-day hunger strike Tuesday as she prays for the return of some 11,000 human remains from all over the world that are housed at the museum.
Joining her this week are people like Wounded Knee, a Miwok Indian from Vallejo and Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney, a Cherokee who lives in Richmond.
They all want the museum to give its remains back to the earth.
The museum, according to University spokesman Dan Mogulof, houses some 11,000 remains in storage lockers that were unearthed at one time or another and donated from places around the globe.
There are 8,000 remains from California; 1,200 from Peru; 600 from Egypt; 550 from other parts of the U.S. and 300 other "non U.S." remains, Mogulof said.
I support the call here to give the people back to their people and the land.

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