Monday, December 14, 2009

200 jobs for 3 mil cu metres of water each year is a crap deal

This story from Stuff irritates me.
"A 'large" international pharmaceutical company is considering setting up a refinery in Southland, which could create 200 jobs."
That's right 200 JOBS - whoop tee do. And what hoops would southland have to jump through?
"Southland's chances could be hindered by the refinery needing 3 million cubic metres of water annually."
Oh what a choice. Shall we a) give this international pharmaceutical company our clean water so that they can turn afterbirth into perfume or skin cleanser* and sell it to make massive profits for them and their shareholders. And potentially get 200 jobs. No idea of what sort of jobs but cleaners and processing workers seems most likely, or b) tell them to fuck off.

hmmmm tough choice.
* "Venture group manager Steve Canny said the company was looking at refining agricultural materials into "high-value" products.
It is not known what the products might be but, when pressed, Mr Canny jokingly suggested it might involve turning "afterbirth into perfume"."
Freudian slip there steve - that is exactly the 'high value' crap you want to sell.

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