Sunday, December 20, 2009

thanks for nothing world leaders

I agree with the greens, it is indeed a sad day for the planet.

From NZCity
"The Greens are furious at the outcome of the climate summit in Copenhagen, calling it a disgrace and a tragedy for humanity."
Energy spokeswoman Jeanette Fitzsimons says the summit agreement is a failure, which has been papered over with fine sounding words. She says the point of the meeting was to agree on a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, but it has not happened.
"There's basically no substance at all in the agreement. Barack Obama came out with a lot of fine words, which sounded quite inspirational until you realised that they were completely hollow."
Ms Fitsimons says it is a disgrace New Zealand was the first country at the summit to walk away from its previous commitments. She says the Government has let down all New Zealanders.

The only good thing to come out is that we now know where we stand. We have to think about how we are going to handle the changes. How are we going to support our brothers and sisters in the pacific. We must always continue to reduce carbon emissions and pollution - that is our minimum duty to the planet. But we must also become climate change accepters. We have passed the tipping point, we aren't going to stop it - if we ever could. All of the energy directed in copenhagen to try and develop a treaty, has to be redirected. And I am pessimistic that the only way some countries will take it seriously is after they have experienced the inevitable natural disasters that will occur. They are already happening now. 

Time to work solutions to adapting to the impending changes.

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