Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good flag

I am pleased that the tino rangatiratanga flag will fly above this country. Does the flag represent all maori? No but does our current flag represent all people of this country now?
Flags are symbols and representations and this flag represents sovereignty and governship and self determination for maori and for all people within this country.

As Sharples says,
"Flags are a symbol of rallying and being strong. This shows the Government is recognising a relationship with tangata whenua and that's going to be good for Maori and race relations in the long run."

We shall see about that pita. The flag is for the people not the politicians. It says nothing about race relations other than providing a focus for both sides of the debate. And that debate is heating up.


Country Lane said...

"We shall see about that pita."?
I would have thought it's pretty easy to see where pita stands. He's a Tory lackie - pure and simple.

Ain't no Maori Aspirations getting met through him and his party, that's for sure.

Marty Mars said...

Fair enough country but it seems to me that he has strengths and I can't see him as a tory lackey.

The real proof of all of the pudding will be when we get next to the election and can weigh up all of the pluses and minuses. Lots of minuses at the moment from me, so I agree with you there. And i know we agree on the need for a decent left out there.
Kia kaha

Country Lane said...

I've waited and seen.
The Maori Party are supporting an ugly, ugky Tory Party. We've had plenty of time to see if they could ensure any advantage for Maori or indeed this country in lying with dogs. All they've got so far is fleas and New Zealand is suffering for it.