Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happyzine - because good news makes a difference

Charlotte Squire - Founder, editor, contributor of Happyzine

I highly recommend Happyzine (pronounced like maga-zine)

This site and blog is dedicated to making the world a better place by offering alternatives to the negative, violence based news from the MSM (main stream media). If you don't watch the news or don't want to - go to happyzine, you will not be disappointed. Even better - become a contributor.

There are many contributors who all talk about their experiences and expertise. The happyzine community is growing and evolving. Making the world a better place starts from us.

I am a contributor and next year will be doing a weekly "Round-up of the Web" for happyzine - highlighting positive, inspiration, innovative stories of people making a difference in the world. And my focus is on environmental and indigenous positive news.

mars2earth will continue as it is.

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