Wednesday, December 1, 2010

underreported struggles - 44

Many people are working hard doing amazing things to bring people together. Ahni at Intercontinental Cry is one such person. If you haven't checked out his site yet, please do - I highly recommend it.

One of the services that Ahni does it provide a monthly report called "Underreported Struggles". This report covers indigenous peoples around the world fighting mining and deforestation, imprisonment and oppression and much much more. These struggles are our struggles - all of us - from whatever background or ethnicity.

I'm going to highlight this report every month so that we can all be better informed and strengthened personally and collectively.
Police in Argentina shot and killed two Indigenous Tobas, and arrested more than 2 dozen others at a blockade site in the northern province of Formosa.
More than 200 Indigenous organizations and 79 different nationalities came together in La Maria Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia for the First Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication in Abya Yala (the Americas).
A Costa Rican court struck down a mining concession granted to the Canadian company Infinito Gold and ordered the company to pay environmental damages.
Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr., signed the Northeastern Arizona Water Rights Settlement, finalizing the Tribal Coucils' majority decision to forfeit the Navajo (Dine) Peoples water rights, in effect, for a new water pipeline. Many Dine feel utterly betrayed by the decision, which is geared toward benefiting outside interests.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed an Executive Order extending greater protection to the sacred Zuni Salt Lake and Sanctuary.

That is only five out of at least 17 stories, and Ahni posts this once a month - that is service to humankind. Each story has lessons for us all because the struggle for fairness, respect and equality are common to us all. We are more alike than different.

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