Monday, December 13, 2010

Essential to all

Great news that Te Ana Ngai Tahu's Rock Art Centre in Timaru has just opened. This is so good for everyone. The taonga are respected and treasured and guests can visit, the community are involved and it is bringing all people together. This is the way to do it .

From The Timaru Herald
After years of planning, Te Ana Ngai Tahu's Rock Art Centre has had an emotional opening.
About 200 people gathered for a chance to celebrate the opening ceremony in Timaru yesterday.
 The centre is hugely significant for Ngai Tahu," Mr Solomon said.
"It is the culmination of years of hard work and devotion to protecting and preserving this important cultural and historical taonga for the iwi and now we have the perfect showcase for sharing it with the world."
One look was not enough for locals Tewera King and Koriana Waller, who said they were not the only ones popping back for another look.
"It's our taonga. Not all of us have been out to see the rock art. For a person who knows nothing about the local iwi, it's all there," Mrs Waller said.
"It's just an awesome resource for the local community and our visitors to learn about taonga and resources."
Not only did the centre present the rock art, but it also showed other practices in the area such as eeling and collecting kai. "I thought it was just the rock art, but there's more in there."
Mr King said the centre was brilliant and had a good balance of information and activities.
I can't wait to visit the center. Congratulations to Gerard and the team for this kaupapa. The centre is open to all and that is the way it is done.

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