Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't trust you - not even slightly

I take nothing that gerry brownlee does or says at face value. I can't trust him and whenever he does something i wonder how he thinks it will advance his agenda. His combining of the minerals reviews is an example where i get a funny feeling that there is more going on than meets the eye.

From Scoop
Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee announced today that the review of the Crown Minerals Act (1991) and the review of associated minerals programmes and regulations will now be considered as a single package.
“It was originally envisaged that the review of the Crown Minerals Act would be complete by November this year, and a bill introduced into the House in December 2010. “A second phase of consultation on revised minerals programmes for petroleum and for minerals other than petroleum, and on the various regulations, was to follow in 2011,”
“However, submitters have been clear that they want the opportunity to comment on all aspects of the minerals management regime at the same time. “Releasing the package as a whole will enable people to comment on discrete changes and the overall proposed system. People will also be able to see how the first set of submissions has been considered.”
The problem I have is, as I said, i just don't trust gerry - not one little bit and I cannot help wondering what advantages he thinks he will get from a combined review. He is not netural on this issue - he is definately in the exploitation camp and that camp loves framing everything like this.
blah blah blah ... which aims to maximise the gains from New Zealand's petroleum resources for the benefit of all New Zealanders.“blah blah blah ... and for the maximisation of economic returns to New Zealand from our mineral resources,” Mr Brownlee said.
The lines are set - we know where this person sits and we will fight their sick idea of "maximisation of economic returns" because we know where the profit goes - into the hands of big big business, often based overseas.


robertguyton said...

So cynical you are Marty.
Gerry's only looking out for your future!
Look into his big doe-y (doughy) eyes and
r e l a x

Ruahines said...

Kia ora marty,
Gerry and John and the gnats have no problem what so ever about driving a truck through the Pike River disaster and fall out. Jobs must be saved so lets amend the laws protecting our wilderness. If the rotund one and his ilk are allowed to run roughshod over the land it is our future generations whom will hold us in true disdain.

robertguyton said...

Just linkin' ya in!