Wednesday, December 1, 2010

360 months to go!!!

This is a very powerful gathering and when they speak, ears should listen - for their own good. I totally agree with their conclusions.

From Indigenous Peoples Issues
A national hui of Maori women, Te Whaainga Wahine have condemned the exclusion of wahine from national, regional, local and Maori political forums.
The hui made specific reference to the Iwi Leaders Group who do not speak for Maori women.
The hui, the first called in thirty years, has challenged Maori leadership that advance the political agenda of the National-ACT-Maori Party Coalition at the expense of whenua, whanau and hapu wellbeing.
The hui affirmed Tino Rangatiratanga by 2040 and implemented a specific plan of action to achieve this.

2040 is only 360 months away! This is the maori world in action - I am so pleased that the truth is being spoken.

Kia ora Ana for the link to the blog Te Whaainga Wahine


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Thanks for introducing you to this blog, Marty. Two new blogs in two days. I may never find time to do housework again!

Evelyn Cook said...

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