Thursday, December 2, 2010

cut the line

Awesome submissions from Ngai Tahu and Te Atiawa against the repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act. This must be sending a message and a half to the maori party - when you get an iwi confirming that it may become an intergenerational battle - you know this is deadly serious.

From Claire Trevett NZH
Ngai Tahu's submission quotes the iwi's kaiwhakahaere, Mark Solomon, as saying it would be better to leave it to future generations to take up the battle of fixing the injustices caused by the 2004 Act "rather than shouldering the burden of a history that alleges Maori support for a 2011 Act that is equally as unjust".
Te Atiawa rejected the bill saying the tests were "unreasonably high" and if they were not changed, it should not go ahead.

This bill is opposed by most maori - no ifs, buts or maybes - the only thing keeping it going is the maori party. If you have a monster fish on the line and it's dragging you under - you cut the line to live.
Ngai Tahu said the test for title and rights should be based on Maori custom and the intensity of each iwi's relationship with the coastline, rather than on exclusive use and occupation of the coastline.
The submission rejected the argument of the Maori Party co-leaders that while the bill was not perfect, it was all the current political climate allowed and it should be for future generations to try to improve upon it.
The maori party can't spin this, they can only accept or reject it. Cut the line!

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