Friday, December 17, 2010

sicko/s in southland

The black-billed gull is only found in this country - it looks like a red-billed gull except for the difference in bill colour - as you'd expect. Why oh why has some sicko in southland gone out and shot, and smacked to death over 100 of them? There is no rational reason - but these people or this person is still out there and whilst a human - their partner or child - don't look like Black-billed gulls - who can say that they won't be next.

From Stuff
More than 100 of the rarest gulls in the world were massacred as they nested near Wreys Bush in Southland.
Department of Conservation Murihiku biodiversity ranger Ros Cole said more than 100 adult black-billed gulls were found dead beside the Aparima River at Wreys Bush on November 24.
Most of the birds died from bullet wounds, but others had broken bones and some chicks were found starving to death beside their dead parents, she said.
Shotgun cartridges were found beside some nests and an autopsy confirmed shotgun pellets were the most likely cause of death, Ms Cole said. "They have gone into the colony and gone mad. It's pretty sad that people want to shoot these birds and leave the chicks to starve," she said.
DOC Murihiku compliance and law enforcement ranger Kelwyn Osborn said the shooting was the third involving the endangered native gull in two months.
The THIRD!!! This is getting sicker and sicker - who is doing this and can you guarantee they won't do the same thing to their family or anyone else.

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Zia Wolf-Sun said...

That is so cruel and horrible...sick is an understatement. Whoever did this needs hunting down and shooting themselves.