Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bite on this

The latest government initiative to deliver the Welfare Working Groups recommendations shows that we are being subjected to 101 shock doctrine. Michael has a great doco on it here. Felix has a posted a good link to a shorter version here. Please watch and learn about what is actually  happening and why. 

The Prime Minister says the Government will forge ahead with some of the Welfare Working Group's recommendations, aimed at pushing 100,000 beneficiaries into work within a decade.
I have posted about these recommendations  

here(Bennett lobs in some helter skelter)
paula bennett and the government have it all wrong. It is not the beneficiaries fault that there are not enough jobs. If you have to blame - blame the real culprits not the victims. 
and here(Gnats are little pricks)
But let's be clear - this idea is not about accountability, or saving money or creating efficiencies - it is a thinly veiled punch in the face to the less fortunate in our society and it just happens that maori are over represented in those groups.
and here (Kick them while they are down)
When I read this report it makes my skin crawl - it is all just about money and the people are just obstacles. The most vulnerable in society are at risk and maori are highly represented in those groups - this report is an attack upon maori because maori will suffer the most under these recommendations - and that is the way they want it - it suits their purposes.
and here(Scratching in the gutter)
Of course the obvious fact that there are few jobs is ignored because Rebstock dosen't care - it is all the fault of the beneficiaries, they need to get out there and she will provide the pointed stick to get them moving.
 Irishbill has a good post up on The Standard and I'll add other good links as they come through.

I am of the opinion that the brash longdrop into Act and Banks into Epsom shows that the long game is dismantling support for the disadvantaged. They are committed - smiley snake key and all who support him - I'm looking at you maori party.

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