Wednesday, May 25, 2011

murky mining attempt

The company that wants to exploit our beautiful Golden Bay is proving elusive. There are some very strange goings on indeed. Greywolf is a sham.

Nelson Mail
Checks by the Nelson Mail and TV3 have raised numerous questions about the company and its chairman, Edward Lancaster. Former Golden Bay community board chairman Joe Bell, who will chair a public meeting next week on Greywolf's application to explore parts of the region for oil, gas and coal, is trying, so far unsuccessfully, to make contact with the Chinese company named on the Greywolf website as its joint-venture partner. And the iwi group Manawhenua Ki Mohua is seeking clarification on what exactly Mr Lancaster is now proposing to Crown Minerals. Last night TV3 ran an item which described the Australian company as "more of a grey ghost than a grey wolf" and outlined its difficulty in locating the company's offices or getting follow-up comment from Mr Lancaster after an initial interview last week.
Very murky 
The Mail is also finding it difficult to drill down to the facts. Despite what the website says, Mr Lancaster said last week that Greywolf's Chinese mining partner wasn't Qinghua, the company named, but "many companies like Qinghua".Mr Bell said people concerned by the mining application had suspicions about the company's bona fides. "We've received quite a lot of information, which we're trying to have confirmed."
He said the email addresses on the website all "bounced", which was odd, because they were addresses for use by potential investors
This is the company that wants to descecrate our land and seas so they can make money - but who for? Who are they making money for? Themselves obviously, but who are the chinese backers and who are the kiwi backers? 

Meeting in Golden Bay for those opposed to these exploiters
Interest was building in the public meeting, to be held on June 3 in the Golden Bay High School hall.
This exploitation is a dirty business full of dirty companies and greywolf is a prime example. They think we are idiots but they are the fools and they are going down.

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