Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the harder the better

The maori party have a good campaign beginning and i'm not going to knock it (too much) because it is very smart and is designed to attract the voters that they say they want. In their latest panui they describe
The challenges our people face are complex and they were created over the equivalent of 57 parliament terms or about 170 years so fixing them will not happen over night. For every day we have spent in Parliament, since signing an agreement with the Government, we have delivered to our Maori communities $2.67 million worth of benefits (per sitting day) - a milestone no other party in this country's political history has achieved. 
This statement is smart because  it reinforces the line of incremental change that the maori party have consistantly used. It is good to be consistant in the message. Breaking down any achievement into smaller and smaller pieces allows the recipient to create a connection with the claim. $2.67 million of benefits (pretty vague term here) per sitting day sounds like a lot and I'm sure it is, but is that the measure of success? Of course not - it is made up, but still true within its context - framed by the designers of the message - very smart designers.

But for me I'm not worried even slightly, because whatever happens with the election will be the right way forward. I don't have a problem with multiple parties representing  Māori - I want it and encourage it. Concensus works, cooperation works - competitiveness doesn't. The Mana Party will attract those who believe in equality, social justice, kaitiakitanga and tino rangatiratanga and I believe there are lots of people who do believe in those values, from all backgrounds and ethnicities. So go hard maori party, go even harder I say, because these debates are strengthening Māori, making us stronger not weakening us. Go very hard indeed maori party and let's create history and empower and engage Māori.


Anonymous said...

They have deeply failed Papatuanuku. They may be 4 seats, but are those act/Brash enabling seats?

They seem to spend more on PR consultants than consultation hui eh?

very keen to hear what the rank and file (remaining) maori party members thing.

Look forward to deeper analysis of maori options in 2011 in the palace of power (and PR) in Wellington.

We know National has pushed the maori party into a corner, the question is are their new emerging leaders to take the party further than half way up the hill, that Sharples if stuck up? You can't say being in a coalition govt with Brash and Brownlee is mana enhancing...

Anonymous said...

curse them curse them, they are nothing but a disgrace to Maoridom they are the worst of Maori, they are nothing but brownies riding on the Gravy Train, they have taken more than they can ever give back, curse them may they die and give Maoridom PEACE.

Marty Mars said...

kia ora kōrua,

I agree with you anon@12.53 they are enabling seats for brash and that is wrong. I think they forget that others have different agendas and what they say is often a smokescreen for those anti-māori actual agendas.

I share your anger and hurt anon@6.11 but curses are tricky things and can come back and bite the deliverer if not set out and performed correctly. It is a big thing to curse someone to die - that thought is not good for anyone, let alone the thinker. I'd say let's turn that emotion into positive action to get Mana into power - we need everyone paddling.

Anonymous said...

It could be that is the maori party refused to return with National and Brash and if Te Mana mobalises this year, National is out.

2011 is the year to 'get Mana into power' Brash represents an old age, a time no longer relevant to Aotearoa.

I wonder if labour should be thinking at the minimum their next leader should be able to speak some te reo...

The Green Party o Aotearoa has a maori co leader, it would be good for labour to push for more of its senior figures to become more engaged in the changing dynamics of Aotearoa and maori in politics in this south pacific nation.

robertguyton said...

And what a wahine she is anon! Metiria Turei's a powerful Maori woman who will work with Hone to achieve what is needed.
Kotahitanga! Te Mana, Nga Pati Kakariki!