Thursday, May 5, 2011

what's the point?

Oh deary dear I don't have any problems with Hone's view of bin Laden, that is his opinion but as I have outlined here, there is a time and place. My question to Hone is, what's the point? What's the point of saying what you did - to show support for bin Laden's family or those that support his philosophy or to be staunch - I can't quite work it out because the days of just saying what you want, when you want, are over - you are leading a new political force that is creating hope for many. You need to suck it up and mull it over before you say whatever you want to say. It is not about bin Laden or whether it was on a te reo maori channel, it is about the bigger picture - it's about Mana!

Footnote - whilst I stick by the post mel on Maui Street has added a comment which really made me think
Mel said... What Hone actually did was a mihi to the dead, which is a Maori custom "...ahakoa ko wai te tangata" despite who the person is. Those are the things you say whenever you hear of someone's passing. That is the tikanga.
If you listen to the video, Scotty Morrison is the one who mentions Osama being a freedom fighter ("engari he tangata tino whaiwhai mo te tino rangatiratanga o tona iwi nera? me ona whakapono") and Hone acknowledges that. But he's not saying 'oh yay he was a choice dude' but points out that he was a human being who had a family/tribe/people that will mourn him...
"no reira, he tikanga kia kaua e takahi i te mate engari me mihi atu ki a ia mo nga mahi e whai nei i a ia i te waiora"
'therefore, the custom is don't trample on the dead, but instead celebrate the good things he did'
Please please watch the article in question and read the subtitles before you go spouting the same tripe as mainstream media.
They have deliberately twisted Hone's reo me ona tikanga into saying something he wasn't.
It is a willful misuse of te reo and a twisting of our tikanga
Thanks Mel you have added good knowledge into the debate. I note also that Hone has apologised - fair enough - i'm sorry too for not getting the full story.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
Well stated. Hone is now more than an "activist" and when leading a political party that is trying to garnish support across the spectrum words must be carefully thought out. It is too easy to marginalize potentail supporters, and more so gives easy ammo to the other parties which they grab onto with glee.
Personally, I do disagree with what Hone says about Osama Bin Liden, mainly in that he was a very rich man who never fought in his own land (Saudi Arabia) or for his people, but rather for an uncompromising intolerant religous view. His reasons for that may have been in line with what Hone was trying to say, but Bin Ladens ultimate aim was really no better than colonialism or nationalism. Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I agree Marty that it is now about Mana but it is also about mana and in my own opinion I thought Hone showed a great deal more mana in his comments than the msm has.
Hone needs to choose his words and expositions more carefully, that's for sure, because EVERYONE is out to get him, but he learns quickly from his mistakes. In a way it's a shame that he should button his lip and keep his opinions to himself, that's what I like about him, but for the sake of the party he should do so until after the election.

robertguyton said...

Hey Marty - whilst I accept the 'mihi ki te hunga mate', that won't wash with most people and some things are best said in the privacy of ones whare. Hone was on a roll and can get back up but I hope there will be fewer unnecessary incidents for his supporters to have to 'wear'.
That said, exciting times eh!
I'm delighted Brash has erected his bitter flag now - it's shadow falls on Key and he'll be darkened by that (or perhaps illuminated, in a curious way - easier to see who he really is when he's standing with his mates.)