Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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We are fighting their oil exploitation on the East Coast and we will soon be fighting them on the West Coast too. News that, "US independent energy giant Anadarko Petroleum has confirmed it intends drilling a well in what is known as the Deepwater Taranaki Basin", is disturbing, already there is disquiet

Taranaki Daily News
But already environmental groups fighting oil and gas exploration in remote areas of New Zealand's exclusive economic zone are promising they will take action against the drilling project.
Recently-formed Climate Justice Taranaki confirmed yesterday it has been talking with Greenpeace about what can be done. Spokeswoman Emily Bailey said definite plans had not been formulated, but there would be protest action.
"It's crazy. It'll be mad trying to drill way out there in the Tasman. The risk of spills will be too much," she said.
"So we'll definitely be doing something. We'll also be trying to talk to the community about this project. It's definitely not the way we should be going."
It will be worth keeping our eye on these developments - action is always best if it can be coordinated and getting tangata whenua involved and the community will be essential.
Seismic surveys conducted in the block three years ago identified three major prospects: Romney, which is under 1600 metres of water, Coopworth at 1400 metres, and Corriedale, at a much shallower 230 metres. Depending on which prospect is to be targeted by the exploration joint venture headed by Anadarko, the well could be located more than 150km out to sea.
The Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred in a water depth of 1500 metres. The Taranaki well could be drilled in water at least that deep.
The risks cannot be mitigated they can only be ignored by the exploiters. Why should our land and sea be put at risk to generate profits for overseas megacompanies. it is just not good enough and must be stopped.

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KjT said...

Right on Marty. I and many people I know have worked on rigs and ships.
We all know both the oil industries and Maritime New Zealand's attitude to safety and pollution prevention. "They come first, after money!".

A drill ship on the NZ coast has already came close to having a blowout. In the 90's off Taranaki.

I think there should be a moratorium on drilling until the industry and the regulators can satisfactorily address the concerns raised after the Deep water horizon disaster.

As well as some thought about putting capital into renewable energy and conservation instead of oil.