Monday, May 16, 2011

how many heroes?

I've often wondered about the question - who are your heroes? When I think of people that inspire me and are heroes to me, one name stands high and that is John Minto. I have blogged about him here and the words that Hone has spoken about him are my sentiments exactly.

"In terms of a New Zealander, he is what I call a great New Zealander," Harawira told the Sunday Star-Times.
"He will be formally invited to be a candidate for Mana, first of all on the list.
"I have people talking about me being the leader of the Mana Party. But when I decided to chase Annette Sykes, I knew full well that she is a leader in her own right and in her own world.
"And John Minto is another person like that. People like that don't work around proclaiming their leadership... they are naturally leaders in the field they are involved."
The naysayers don't get it - how can they all be leaders and work together? But, to me it is the way Rangatira have always worked and make no mistake they are leaders and heroes and that is why I have sent my membership into the Mana Party, and like John Minto I have never joined a political party before, but the time for sitting on the fence is over - now is the time to seize the opportunity and create history. 
Harawira said he was "genuinely over the moon" that Minto would consider any offer.
"What he did during the Springbok tour, particularly for us Maori and Pacific Islanders, was impressive," he said.
The Party List for Mana is building and it is heroes 1, 2, 3 for me. Harawira, Sykes, Minto - a dream team for social activists and those who believe in equality and tino rangatiratanga and a nightmare team for the powers that be - they will cut through the bullshit like hot knives through butter. 

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mira said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment expressed, I too have never been a financial member of a political party until I recently sent in my membership form to the Mana Party.