Monday, March 14, 2011


You have to wonder about phil goff - languishing leader of the labour party. He has stated in the past that he wouldn't even talk with Hone after the election. Then he changed his story to a principled "let the people speak first" and now he has stated once again that - No! working with Hone or any party he may form. Grow up goff you are fooling no one. As Hone says, (NZH)
Mr Harawira said he doubted Mr Goff would hold his resolve if Labour found itself in a position to govern. "I absolutely guarantee you that if I form a new party and we have the seats to make a difference, he'll be ringing me as fast as he possibly can."
I feel a bit sorry for goff - he is out of his depth and floundering and the polls keep going down...

Good to see a poll showing strong support for Hone to set up a new maori party.


Anonymous said...

Inspired title, marty.

Marty Mars said...

Thanks QoT - I really enjoy your posts - kia kaha