Tuesday, March 8, 2011

conservation refugees

It is important that we recognise the struggles of indigenous peoples all around the world because it is 2011 and this should not be happening in today's world. It is unbelieveable that indigenous peoples, including Māori, get treated like they are less than others, that their rights, their way of life, beliefs and uniqueness are less important. Often they are weighed less important by the dominant cultures and the exploitation activities of oil, mines, timber, and agriculture. There is also another reason that indigenous peoples are displaced from their homelands and that is for land and wildlife conservation via national parks.

This award-winning documentary "Conservation Refugees - Expelled from Paradise" shows how devestating this is for the peoples being displaced - often with nowhere for them to go.

Conservation Refugees - Expelled from Paradise from Steffen Keulig, Marketfilm on Vimeo.

Some might believe that Māori gifted all of the land into our national parks - I am not one of those people.

Hat tip - Intercontinental Cry

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