Saturday, March 12, 2011

a great idea and aroha for Japan

A great idea from Bill on The Standard
Why not retrofit school buildings in NZ to an extra-ordinary high standard and have them double up as emergency centers in the event of a natural disaster? So for example, why not have schools fitted with a number of land lines given that cell phone networks appear to be somewhat fragile in the face of quakes? And why not install sizable septic tanks that sewerage could be diverted to when sewerage systems break? And have robust fresh water storage facilities on site? And independent power supply capabilities? Why not designate schools as permanant repositories of disaster provisions (water, deydrated or tinned food, blankets, tents, toileteries etc)?

Go and read the whole post, it makes a lot of sense and Bill's idea is innovative and positive - just what we need to strengthen our communities.

I'm sending aroha to everyone affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan - what an absolute horror - my heart goes out to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Building Community capacity is good - the problem is that you can't predict which places will be near a disaster and be capable of surviving the disaster.

In such an event there is always the risk that these centres will be either far away from the need or compromised by the event.

I think a combination of improving community infrastructure and having re-locatable capacity devoted to civilian purposes within regions is required.

The other side of this is the absolute need for all of us to have the capacity and the knowledge to look after ourselves for extended periods of time.

To be pretty honest, I think we are a little spoiled by what we have gotten used to in terms of power, communications, sewerage systems and so on. While it is challenging, the last 14 days or so in Christchurch is such a small part of a generational experience - a huge percentage of the world's population have never had these conveniences and may never have them in my lifetime.

I think the Haiti, Indonesia and now the Japanese experience will put our Christchurch tragedy into a different perspective.