Friday, March 25, 2011

never understand

After all the pleading and all the evidence the maori party today made their vote against maori interests. They have enshrined discrimination against maori into the law. They have said it is up to others to right the wrongs of the legislation - they have left it to our mokopuna to sort it out. The maori party have failed - they are failures. I feel quite angry to tell you the truth.

Angry enough to bring out the Reid boys. Be warned this song is like a good chutney - to hot to take and too sweet to resist.

Lyrics for 'Never Understand'- Jesus and Mary Chain

The sun comes up another day begins
And I don't even worry about the state I'm in
Head so heavy and I'm looking thin
But when the sun goes down I wanna start again

You never understandin'
You never understand me

Don't turn around until you look at me
Why don't you take a second and tell me what you see
Things I see you only disagree
You never understand that's what I want to be

You never understandin'
You never understand me

Not wishing to hide but you just can't see me
I tell you the truth but you don't believe me
Thinking of love but I can't hear what you're saying
Tomorrow I'm leaving

Cause I'm not understanding you


Anonymous said...

isn't Turia right that it is an improvement on the Foreshore and Seabed Act?

what more could you reasonably expect from a party with 4-5 seats and not holding a balance of power?

Marty Mars said...

No, she is wrong there is no improvement and I expect them to not vote for racism and discrimination.

Anonymous said...

isn't it an improved and less oppressive - but still difficult -test? isn't it an improvement that the Crown is required to prove extinguishment, not the applicant? isn't it an improvement that if you are successful in negotiations or litigation you are certain of what you'll get, rather than merely a referral to negotiate? isn't it an improvement that a negotiated agreement does not have to go back to Court to have it confirmed?

if you had to choose between the Foreshore and Seabed Act, and the Marine and Coastal Area Act - would you really choose the former?