Saturday, March 19, 2011

the river doesn't deserve this

The Dominion Post deadtree edition had a story from Diane Joyce which really needs to be told. Would you allow your grandchildren to swim in the Wairoa River, that is recieving more than 400 times the level of dumped waste from a meatworks, even with a diffuser working? Well AFFCO's General Manager would.
"he would be happy for his grandchildren to swim in the river" 
AFFCO have been in negotiations with the Hawke's Bay Regional Council after their 10 year lease to (pollute) consent expired. While it is being sorted out in the courts AFFCO continues to
be allowed to record 110,000 colony forming units per millileters of water, compared to a safe recreational limit of 260. Hawke's Bay Health considered anything over 550cfu/100ml should trigger a health warning.
The regional council has had to let them continue to pollute, meanwhile the company argues
because its waste was unlikely to contain disease, faecal codiforms should not be used as an indicator of harmful pollution.
That's the mentality of fools - the diffuser is designed to spread the pollution and "more effectively mix the treated discharge at the point of entry", so it cannot be noticed - it does nothing to reduce the discharge - just hides it. I'm against using children as political pawns or putting them in danger so, mate don't worry about letting your grandkids get in the water - we believe you.


Anonymous said...

Well, we don't believe him, we just don't want his precious grandchildren to suffer because of their dishonest grandfather!

Anonymous said...

Sick. Someone should be fined, and not let off the hook - what a failure of a council.