Tuesday, March 22, 2011

they know but still continue

The truth does come out, but it can take some effort. The greens have had to use the OIA to get the official truth about the Bill to replace the Foreshore and Seabed Act and the information recieved confirms what we have been saying - that the Bill is discriminatory against Māori. And not only that but the Government knows it and that means the maori party knows it. They will vote for a Bill that they know discriminates against Māori.

(my emphasis) "In relation to the spatial definition of the shared marine space, the exclusion of private titles creates a double standard whereby pre-existing Maori rights (e.g. customary title) are within the shared marine space, while the rights of private title holders are left outside it. This approach continues the discriminatory effect of the 2004 Act."
The Ministry of Justice refused to release this information on the basis that it was legally privileged. It was only released after a complaint was made to the Ombudsmen. The original request for information was made in October 2010, the relevant excerpt of the cabinet paper was provided yesterday.
As Metiria says,
"The cabinet paper we have received under the OIA confirms that the Government knows this bill creates a double standard and discriminates against Maori but they have done nothing to change it," added Mrs Turei.

Why, why are they doing it? They know but still continue - why? This great article from Rawiri Taonui tells us the answer
The Maori Party is supporting a bill because it has become too wedded to the idea of obtaining utu over Labour for what it did in 2004, overly wedded to the relationship with National and the charismatic John Key, and simply wedded to power.

Rawiri also discusses the hikoi and the diference between this and the last one. This is Māori against Māori is his answer and I agree, this is a silent hikoi of shock.
Maori Party support for the bill has stunned Maori into silence rather than action upon an execration for mobilising against other Maori.

Some may believe that the maori party can survive this but not me.

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